Fill A Box

Due to overwhelming support, we have reached our goal for this year!
If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us through e-mail or via our Facebook page.


Don’t forget to check back, during our campaign.
We may receive more children’s information as the holidays approach, which means we will need more people to fill boxes.


If you’ve already committed to filling boxes, don’t forget:

  1. We will provide you with a commitment to a recipient sheet that includes the age, size, and gender of a foster child/children, and packaging instructions.
  2. Fill the box (17″×11″×3.5″ or standard gift robe box) according to instructions on the commitment to a recipient sheet.
    • Items to be put in boxes include:
      • a pair of pajamas
      • a Christmas movie (no Blu-ray)
      • an age appropriate book
      • a small stuffed animal (no battery-operated)
      • a bag of popcorn
      • a box of hot chocolate
    • Note: Some items are not appropriate for certain ages (such as infants), and alternatives are printed on your commitment to a recipient sheet.
    • Please follow all the instructions on the commitment to a recipient sheet. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  3. Drop the box(es) off at designated drop-off locations near you.

Please share a picture of you with your commitment certificate, filled box, filling boxes, and/or shopping for the box to our Facebook page using #boxeswithapurpose.