Student Ambassador

Volunteer Job Description

A Student Ambassador is: A person who acts as a representative for Boxes With A Purpose and serves as a promoter of the campaign within their campus community.

  1. Establishes relationships with the above as a representative of Boxes With A Purpose with the purpose of:
    • Spreading awareness about the mission of Boxes With A Purpose within the campus community.
    • Engaging fellow students, faculty, and student organizations to unite together with fellow West Virginians by filling Christmas Eve Fun Boxes, and volunteering in a variety of capacities to help ensure the success of the campaign.
    • Develops informal partnerships between the faculty/student organizations and Boxes With A Purpose.
  2. Promotes the campaign on their personal social media accounts and on their local county’s public community pages by sharing Boxes With A Purpose‘s social media communications throughout the campaign year, as well as personally endorsing the campaign.
  3. Secures a minimum of three drop-off locations within the campus community.
  4. Maintains contact with drop locations and picks up boxes as necessary throughout the campaign.
  5. Recruits, from within the campus community, volunteers to deliver completed boxes to central location in Barbour County, WV. Once the boxes arrive at the central location, they will be inspected, sorted, and distributed to our partnering agencies. Our partnering agencies will then distribute the boxes to children in foster care throughout the partnered 44 counties in WV.
  6. Coordinates deliveries of boxes and delivery volunteers from the campus community, helping to ensure that boxes are delivered to the central sort location prior to inspection day.
  7. Share connections, resources, etc. that you may have on other campuses with your fellow Student Ambassador and/or committee representative.
  8. Communicate weekly with committee representative.