Become a Drop-Off Location

Thank you for your interest in becoming a drop-off location for Boxes With A Purpose. Below is information regarding what is involved with becoming a drop-off location. If you are still interested in allowing people from your community to bring their completed boxes to your location, then please contact Boxes With A Purpose, either through Facebook, your local Point of Contact, or

What it entails:

  • You are opening your business or organization up to the public, housing completed boxes at your facility for up to two months. If you receive an overwhelming number of boxes, please contact your local Point of Contact, who will arrange for the boxes to be moved prior to the determined collection date.
  • You can set the hours and days that the public is allowed to drop off their boxes.
  • We ask that Placard Signs, be mounted in your facility during the Boxes With A Purpose campaign.
  • Your business/organization information will be posted on our website as a drop-off location for your area.
  • Prior to collection day, your local Point of Contact will set-up a time and day for pick-up.
  • It will be assumed that once you are a drop-off location, you will continue to be one, unless otherwise stated to Boxes With A Purpose through written communication.